Decrease Web Page Load Time Drastically With These Tips

There is an urgent need to reduce the load time of your webpages because Google doesn’t like it when your site’s performance or load time is below average. Yes, it is true. No matter how well you have designed your website or how much you have spent on its design and development if it doesn’t load up fast or perform optimally, it’s going to be buried under your competition in search engine page ranks. And, this rule applies to all the websites on the planet who wishes to rank high on the search engines, so a site owner/developer must take this as seriously as other parts of website development. Here are the few tips to reduce your page load time –

GZIP Compression

Make sure that you use a web host that provides the feature of GZIP compression as it is known to compress the size of the files, videos, and images by over seventy percent. And, when the data is compressed to that extent, the server response time is automatically reduced. It helps considerably in reducing your page load time.

Load Testing

Taking the time to do load testing is another great way to improve the speed and performance of your website. You might be asking yourself, “what is load testing?” And the answer to that question is that load testing is a way to apply a load to a site and see how it reacts in order to ensure that you’re able to handle a specific visitor load.

Effectively Wrangling Stylesheets and JS

Make sure that you do not cramp up each and every web page on your site, but only load JavaScripts and CSS in external files. So, the file needs to load just once, whenever the site gets a hit. Put external CSS in an isolated part of the site’s location and external JS file near the tag to get better results. It would help the site to take more requests simultaneously without getting affected.

Image Optimization

The best developers around the world agree that images are the primary culprits that slow down the page loading process. If your site is loaded with pictures, make sure to use compressor plug-in on your site or use it before feeding it to the site to compress the picture size. There are many compressor software that is easy to use and doesn’t affect the file size.

Cache Your Site

Platforms like WordPress have plugins that cache the site, and thus, the users can load the site faster. It drastically reduces the page load time while improving visitors’ experience.

These are the few ways you can reduce your web page load time too. There are many other methods you can apply along with the above methods to get better results.