The Connection Between Online Success and Website Uptime

Regardless of the purpose of your website, all administrators have the same primary goal: to be successful. When you look at the most successful online businesses and websites, they have one thing in common – continual/reliable uptime. If you’re searching for a way to boost the success and authority of your site, then you must actively search for ways to keep your content relevant while simultaneously striving to establish constant and reliable uptime. When accomplished, you’ll soon see your entire enterprise succeed.

The Connection Between Server Type and Website Availability

If you’re relatively new to the world of websites, then you may be surprised to discover that not all hosting servers are the same. In fact, the type of server you choose to adopt will directly determine the availability and uptime of your websites. If you wish to provide your visitors with a stable and reliable experience each time they access your site, then you must choose a server that’s designed for availability, not designed for cost-efficiency. The following are the two most common types of servers.

  • Shared Servers – Just like its name suggests, shared servers are a group of servers that host multiple sites within each one. While this is the most cost-effective option for websites, it’s also the most dangerous. Because your site is hosted on the same server as hundreds of other sites, your site is vulnerable to outages and security issues. Should one of the website be attacked by malicious codes, or should they create a corrupt database, your site could experience unplanned downtime and a lack of performance. This could prove to be detrimental to your overall success.
  • Dedicated Servers – If you’re searching for a stable and wholly protected website server, then you must go with a dedicated server. Just as its name suggests, dedicated servers only host a single enterprise. This provides administrators with not only greater flexibility as their network grows, but by eliminating variables that are out of your control (such as other websites), you’re able to cultivate a stable and reliable environment through the use of website monitoring solutions and powerful server support. This being noted, if your a start-up venture with very little monthly traffic, the annual hosting expenses for a dedicated server may be too expensive to justify.

Website Uptime and Your Business

Modern Web users demand a lot. In fact, they expect a website to be fully operational within a few seconds of opening the page. This proves to be problematic for many network administrators as they must continually fight for ways to increase performance, enhance page elements while securing stability. In terms of uptime and your business, the percentage of website availability directly relates to:

  • Reputation – The digital marketplace is a highly competitive one. It’s also filled with forums and customers who have no problem sharing their experience with a worldwide audience. This creates a very particular space for business websites. If you wish to remain competitive you must continuously monitor your reputation. While there are various techniques to accomplish this, the most effective is to work on creating as close to 100% uptime as possible, and this is usually done with the help of an up time monitoring service, as well as a careful analysis of website analytics.
  • Visitor Conversions – If your website is plagued by performance issues and downtime, then you’ll experience a drop in visitor-to-customer conversions. The reduction in conversions could mean the difference between being successful or having to shut your online business down. Therefore, in order to remain competitive and retain a high visitor conversion rate, you must strive for near-constant website availability. If a customer views your site as unstable, they are almost 100% guaranteed to click out of your site and move on to your competitor.